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Jade Cortez, Communications/Marketing Intern – Summer 2013

10379834_10154175660520394_393439439582196312_oMy journey began when I enrolled at Kutztown University as a Secondary English Education major. After a semester, I realized that this was not my cup of tea. I needed to make a switch, but wanted something that still included writing and creativity. That’s when I concluded that Marketing would be a suitable career choice.

After declaring Marketing as my major, I knew that sales marketing or anything sales related was not for me. I am a creative soul who needed to unleash her artistic abilities in whatever career field I landed in. Therefore, I enrolled in classes that were geared more towards the advertising and media-planning end of the marketing spectrum. I began to notice that public relations and communications were becoming a reoccurring topic in class. My interest was piqued. I did need some field experience to add to my resume so I thought, “why not obtain that in communications?”

In June 2013, I embarked on my internship journey at Sahl Communications, Inc. as a Communications/Marketing Intern. Not only did I get to put my marketing knowledge to good use, but I was also able to learn new things in the communications field. Not to mention I got to tour and meet the crew at 6ABC in Philadelphia. Awesome networking experience! I was asked to continue as an intern at SahlComm during the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 semesters, which I proceeded to do.10553342_10154735463200394_7033969842081058158_n

In May 2014, I graduated from Kutztown University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing and a Certificate of Recognition in Advertising. Shortly after graduation, I began yet another SahlComm adventure as the company’s PR Account Executive. In October 2014, I was then promoted to PR Manager.

As the PR Manager, I managed the information between clients and the public through news items and press releases. I also was the smiling face greeting interns as they enter the SahlComm world, doubling as the Intern Coordinator!

Although my career has taken me in another direction, I owe all of my skills and experiences to my multiple internships and positions that I have held at SahlComm!

Bree Surber, Communications/Marketing Intern – Fall 2013

IMG_0401My journey at SahlComm began in September 2013. I actually came across the company via Jade Cortez, (current Sahl Communications PR Manager and former intern) who I knew from Kutztown University. She was in the midst of her internship and seemed to be getting some great hands-on experience in the field. Having been a year out of college and no closer to a “big girl job,” I reached out to Kim Plyler, CEO/President, regarding the possibility of a post-grad internship. I desperately needed the resume builder, and luckily for me, she was willing to bring me in for an interview. After a friendly introduction to the company and discussion about why I wanted to be there and what I hoped to learn, I was brought on as a Fall Intern.

Now, I was a marketing and management major in college. I didn’t have the vaguest idea on how to write a press release or deal with the media. I had a pretty good handle on social media, but then again, hello generation Y. So I had plenty to learn upon my arrival to the full-service communications firm.

My intern days were spent learning the ins and outs of public relations and client management. Whether it was distributing press releases, maintaining a website or creating press kits, there was always something new and different to work on. SahlComm had a pretty diverse set of clients, so what I really found fun was providing each of them different services tailored to their unique needs.10553342_10154735463200394_7033969842081058158_n

By the time November rolled around, I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on the duties expected of an Account Executive. To my excitement, Kim asked me to join the team as an employee, starting in December. My hard work had paid off and I was finally beginning my career.

I’ve transitioned from Intern, to Account Executive, to Event Manager. I’ve learned many valuable career and life lessons during my time at SahlComm, and I’m still learning. Every decision shapes our path, and I’m glad that I made the decision to pursue that internship two years ago. Although I waited to pursue an internship until after college, it was still ultimately the key that opened a door to discovering new interests and a profession. It was a risk, but one that paid off!

Currently, I am traveling abroad! Through my travels, I have used skills and experiences I have acquired through my internship and multiple positions I have held at SahlComm.

 Estizer Smith, Communications/Marketing Intern – Summer 2015

10708668_10154682788125451_1273428924638058285_o I’m a senior at the University of Pittsburgh pursuing a dual major in Communications & Rhetoric and Psychology, and I’ll be graduating in April of 2016.

I worked as a Public Relations Intern at SahlComm in the summer of 2015 after hearing about the great work Kim and the rest of the SahlComm team were doing. I decided to look into the company’s work and background a little more and found the diversity of clients and specialties really appealing. I thought it’d be a great place to learn more about the public relations industry in general, so I reached out to see if they were offering any internship programs.

While I was an intern I had the opportunity to work on a lot of content individually and in teams. Some of the projects I worked on included a media kit, press releases, social media posts, the construction of the original incarnation of the SahlComm Intern Blog, blog posts, and analytical reports. I learned a tremendous amount working with the team at SahlComm and would definitely recommend this internship for anyone interested in public relations or communications.12032712_10156173899215451_8233815633160704205_o

After leaving SahlComm and returning to Pittsburgh, I immediately had two internships. One was as a Media Relations Intern with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center – which is a global nonprofit health enterprise, and the largest provider of medical care in the Western half of Pennsylvania. The second position was as a Legal Intake Intern with the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania – a nonprofit organization that works to protect the enduring values of freedom and equality through litigation, education, and lobbying.

I am currently still working with the ACLU and pursuing post graduate employment opportunities in public relations and communications. I truly believe that the internship experience I gained at SahlComm has helped me on my journey as a young professional.

Sarah Gaffney, Communications/Marketing Intern – Summer 2015

12399306_1755650867989347_21733178_n (1)My name is Sarah Gaffney and I am a junior at Penn State University. I am an Advertising major with a minor in Digital Media Trends and Analytics (DMTA). I will be graduating from Penn State in May 2017. I am currently in my spring semester at Penn State getting into more intense and focused classes for my major. At school, I am in the Penn State Network Television Club (PSNTV), which is a student run television network with all original shows. I am currently a Public Relations Representative for one of the new scripted shows we are producing. After graduating college, I am hoping to begin a career in media planning or marketing research!

12647611_1755650467989387_155804041_n (1)To gain more experience in my field I decided to obtain an internship. I heard about Sahl Communications through working with a Penn State Career Counselor who recommended it to me. I was looking for some experience in the field of Communications and searched the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce website to find marketing consultation and advertising firms. I was then able to find Sahl Communications and reach out to them about internships that were being offered.

I was the Communications/Marketing intern for SahlComm this past fall 2015. I had a great learning experience working as an intern with SahlComm and it was a great starting point for me to learn hands on skills in the real world of Marketing and Communications. Thank you for this great opportunity!

Taylor Feeney, Communications/Marketing Intern – Fall 2015

10264978_10153076379101258_796973971158666483_n (2)Hello, my name is Taylor Feeney and this past fall 2015 I was one of the Sahl Communications Public Relations interns. I am a senior at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and I am a Communications major with a double minor in Public Relations and Sociology. I am graduating this May 2016! Yay!

I heard about SahlComm through Kutztown University as well as past interns such as Jade Cortez, who is now the Public Relations Manager at SahlComm. I really enjoyed the internship and I would recommend it to anyone with a major or an interest in the marketing, public relations, and/or communications fields. I learned a lot, which is what I wanted gain from my internship. As part of my internship, had the opportunity to create and send press releases, conduct analysis, create a career portfolio, use Vocus and Hootsuite and a vast amount of other cool 1975010_10153566328146258_4249039000964352606_n (2)things I didn’t know before! Plus, SahlComm has an awesome staff that is very helpful and welcoming (I hope you love them too!)

Currently, I am a part time waitress at The Westy Bar and Grill in Hamburg PA. I am in the process, like many other seniors, of figuring out what I’d like to do once I graduate. I hope to land a job (eventually) somewhere at a music venue managing their social media and developing promotional content for the company. As I stated before, I am a communications major with a public relations and sociology minor. On campus I am involved in communications club, public relations club, and in the past have been involved in the Kutztown University Dance Team.

I hope current and future interns are enjoy their experience at SahlComm, I sure did!

Melinda  Miley, Communications/Marketing Intern – Fall 2015

IMG_0764 - Version 2Hi, I’m Melinda Miley and I am a Marketing major at Kutztown University and I will be graduating December 2016. In my free time I enjoy hiking, reading, and spending time with my dog. Last year, I took a semester off school and spent three months volunteering in Africa and traveling around Europe, which was an amazing experience.

I found the position for the Sahl Communications internship while on the Kutztown University Career Network website. At Sahl Communications, I was a Public Relations intern so my work focused on writing press releases, creating social media posts, and finding opportunities for clients. I really enjoyed work20141214_113009 (2)ing at SahlComm and I think the experience taught me a variety skills.

This internship was my first time working in an office setting, so it taught me how to present myself in the professional workplace. The internship also allowed me to work both on my writing and public speaking skills as some of my duties included writing press releases for media outlets and presenting a research topic to the Sahl Communications team.

Currently, I am working through five marketing courses at Kutztown and continuing to work two jobs. I am also preparing for career fairs and searching for internship opportunities for the summer. Recently, I was invited to join Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society, so I have been meeting and networking with other members. Even though I have another semester left, I am also attempting to figure out post-graduation plans and decide where I see myself after college.

Whatever I decide to do with my career, I know that the skills SahlComm has taught me will come in handy.

Nick Gorrie, Communications/Marketing Intern – Winter 2015-2016

12573033_10156384143965394_7686417285128150083_nI was SahlComm’s very first winter intern, and this wasn’t for the entire winter; it was only for the single month that I had off in-between semesters at Kutztown. With that in mind, I knew that every second I had at SahlComm was precious, so I wanted to be able to absorb as much information in each one of those seconds as possible. I also realized very quickly that each employee at SahlComm was an absolute professional in every sense of the word; so expanding upon my marketing and communications knowledge was not going to be difficult. However, I knew that in order to get all that I possibly could out of the internship, I would need to not only do the work assigned to me, but ask my supervisors questions and inquire about different aspects of marketing/communications that would not have otherwise been discussed with interns.

As a marketing and communications intern, I was able to get firsthand experience with many different aspects of the business. Along with creating and scheduling social media content for clients, I assisted with the writing of press releases, created content for SahlComm’s website, and even got involved with a government relations project. Through these various tasks, I also learned how the client-consultant interaction works and ultimately, how a communications firm operates. Although I was able to observe and learn a lot from the work that was given to me, I later realized that I was able to learn even more from work that was not given to me.

Ultimately, through asking questions such as “What would be the three best tips you could give me about marketing” and “Are there any books or websites you would recommend reading” I was able to obtain a wealth of information. I found that by taking the initiative to learn absolutely everything you possibly can, you will be rewarded. I am also very proud to say that by asking these questions, I was educated in the importance of Google Analytics, and now, I have a full-time job where a primary focus is Google Analytics. I could write an entire book about every little thing I learned during my time at SahlComm, but this is just one example. There may be no other company in the area that offers such an incredible feeling of camaraderie and knowledge, and I am proud to say that I was a SahlComm intern.

Casey Montague, Communications Intern – Spring 2016

12935208_10207765750053917_1218220071_nHello! My name is Casey Montague, I was an intern at SahlComm this past spring. During my time at SahlComm I learned many things, from sending out press releases to creating contact lists for the media. I enjoyed learning how to use Hootsuite to schedule posts for various social media platforms and using Cision to send out press releases.  I was able to use my Photoshop skills and create flyers for a companies job fair too.

I just recently graduated from Kutztown University with my B.A. in Communication Studies and minors in Public Relations and Electronic Media. Currently, I am in the process of getting a job! Waiting to hear back from places that I have applied to.

A fun fact about myself: every Friday, Saturday and Sunday I go to yard sales and flea markets!


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