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About Sahl Communications, Inc.

Sahl Communications, Inc. (SahlComm) is a female Veteran-owned communications firm founded in 2009. SahlComm is a full-service firm offering a solutions oriented approach by integrating new technology with strategic communications, public relations, marketing and business development. With over 25 years of experience, SahlComm achieves clients’ business goals and is rewarded with long-standing relationships. The firm supports clients in the local, state and federal government, advanced technology and engineering sectors and international businesses and cultural arts fields. SahlComm is headquartered in Bethlehem, PA and has offices in Washington D.C., California, Brussels and Frankfurt. For more information about Sahl Communications, Inc., visit

About Sahl Communications, Inc. Internship Program

SahlComm offers internships in the fields of Communications, Marketing, and Government Relations. The structured programs in each field provide interns with opportunities for hands-on activity and practical learning. Communications/Marketing interns will engage in activities such as press release construction, social media management, media relations, crisis communications and more. Government Relations interns will receive training and hands-on work opportunities in government communications and outreach, public affairs, proposal writing and more. Although structured, internships at SahlComm leave room for exploration and growth based on the interests of the individual intern. To apply for an internship or for more information, send your cover letter and resume to Kim Plyler at

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