Changing the Game: Social Media and the 2016 Presidential Election

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For many of us in the under-30 subset, who’ve grown up with color TV and cable our entire lives, the concept of a presidential election cycle without televised debates, terrifying yet still wholesome TV commercial spots and the constant news cycle is totally incomprehensible. Turn the clock back about fifty years, however, and you’d be […]

Spring Semester is Here (In Theory)

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Officially, on Tuesday, January 26th, Lehigh University opened its doors once again for the start of the 2016 spring semester. This, incidentally, was also the same day that I returned to the Sahl Comm office for my first day of my internship. That’s right, I’m back once again! After a leisurely semester-long break this autumn, […]

Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi Committee

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Our next installment in the ongoing political drama of American politics focuses on a presidential campaign, a House committee, and partisanship. Her 2008 campaign for President of the United States came to an unforeseen halt. A charismatic young senator from Illinois stole the former First Lady and New York Senator’s thunder, rallying support among minorities […]

A House Divided: John Boehner and the Future of the Republican Party

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The month of September was incredibly busy, even for the nation’s Capitol. The United States Congress finished taking sides regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal and a faction of the Republican Party supported a shutdown of the federal government over funding for Planned Parenthood. D.C. welcomed world leaders in September, including Chinese President Xi Jinping and […]