How to Optimize Your Infographics

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Even if you’ve never heard the term before, you’ve definitely seen an infographic. If you haven’t, welcome to the internet. How was your time under your rock? Infographics are graphic representations of data or information that use charts, images and maps to break down numbers and ideas into a more digestible format. Typically, an infographic […]

Changing the Game: Social Media and the 2016 Presidential Election

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For many of us in the under-30 subset, who’ve grown up with color TV and cable our entire lives, the concept of a presidential election cycle without televised debates, terrifying yet still wholesome TV commercial spots and the constant news cycle is totally incomprehensible. Turn the clock back about fifty years, however, and you’d be […]

How to Succeed at Your Internship (When you also have 15 other things to do)

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Internships are often a student’s first foray into the professional world. While most students who find themselves in internship positions work during their summer or winter breaks, quite a few hold a position at the same time that they take a full course load. It can be hard to feel like you’ve truly found your […]

Spring Semester is Here (In Theory)

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Officially, on Tuesday, January 26th, Lehigh University opened its doors once again for the start of the 2016 spring semester. This, incidentally, was also the same day that I returned to the Sahl Comm office for my first day of my internship. That’s right, I’m back once again! After a leisurely semester-long break this autumn, […]

International Social Media: Learn More!

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The constant blending of my internship in communications and my field of study in international relations means that I tend to mention international social media a lot. It seems like I may have a slight obsession with social media platforms and their impact on forming global links. That’s only because I do. What’s not to love? […]

Global Expansion Requires Cultural Preparation

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This article, originally appearing on Business News Daily’s website, addresses one of the more difficult aspects of international business; intercultural communication. While it may be easy enough now to send an email around the world or find business prospects across the globe, barriers to expansion still exist in the form of cultural differences, many of […]