5 Lessons You Learn in College

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One second it is college move in day, and you are saying goodbye to your parents both nervous and excited for the next four years of your life. The next, it is April of your senior year and you are graduating in one month. Where did the time go? College has taught me many valuable lessons from the classroom, but as you know, not all knowledge can be learned from a textbook. As I reflect on the past four years I spent at DeSales University, I am realizing the various life lessons outside the classroom that have majorly impacted my life.


  1. You will find who you want to be

Entering college four years ago, I was a dance major. I loved everything about the arts (and still do) – I wanted to get my degree in dance, join a company, and live happily ever after. Three months into my fall semester I realized this was not the career path for me. I began taking business courses and found my true passion was in marketing. I changed my major and have had nothing but successes in my path to graduation. If you are finding yourself in this type of situation, do not settle or let others persuade you to stay where you are, make the change for yourself and for who you want to be.

  1. You will learn how to be alone

Your whole life, you have gone to school with the same people year after year. You have gone to homecoming dances, Friday night football games, and Proms with these same people year after year. When you get to college, you don’t really know anyone. You may find yourself sad and missing your friends from home.  It is normal to feel this way and you will feel alone for some time. Maybe you will even find that you like being alone. You are finally free to be your own person – you can choose what you eat, how late you want to stay up, and how to decorate your own space. Do not let this stop you from branching out and meeting new people on campus. Stay on the weekends and attend events happening on and off campus – you will not regret it.

  1. You will find a real group of friends

It took me till my senior year of college to find a true group of friends. I made many close acquaintances throughout my time at college but never a group I could call “best friends” till this year. I moved into an apartment my senior year with a brand new group of girls who I did not know well and it lead me to meeting a brand new group of people who I am able to call a true group of friends. You will find this group of people – maybe you already have and maybe you will long after graduating. Be patient, it will happen.

  1. You will learn to step out of your comfort zone

As someone who is an introvert, stepping out of my comfort zone is something I have always and will continue to struggle with. Being in college comes with many presentations, job interviews, and attending events that you may not want to. Doing these activities over and over teaches everyone, especially introverts, how to get out of your comfort zone and do these challenging tasks and familiarize yourself with them. These are the types of things you will be doing at a job one day and learning them while you are still in college in a big learning opportunity.

  1. Everything happens for a reason

The greatest lesson I have learned in my four years in college is that everything happens for a reason. When life hands you more issues than vogue and you feel like breaking down and giving up, just know it is happening for a reason. Going down a wrong path will more than likely lead you to the correct one that will leave you with a learning experience and success in life.


Though college may seem scary and nerve racking, it really will be the best four years of your life. So buckle up and enjoy the ride, it will be over before you know it.

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