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julie-dHello everyone! My name is Julie Damiter and I am currently interning at SahlComm for the fall semester! I am a senior at DeSales University dual majoring in Marketing and Business Administration. My freshman year, I majored in dance because I had done it my entire life and I thought I could make a career out of it. After a semester and a half, I realized that this was not an ideal career choice for me. I took an introduction business course and was really intrigued by the marketing aspect of business. Right then and there I knew this was the perfect career choice for me and have loved it ever since!

Finding my perfect major was the easy part. Trying to figure out what I wanted to do with that major was a whole different story. Up until this previous summer, I had no idea what part of marketing I wanted to get into. I did an internship at the Lehigh Valley International Airport, and it was there that I figured out I wanted to get into: Advertising and Social Media. Upon ending my internship at the Airport, I wanted to continue to dig deeper into marketing and gain even more hands on experience prior to graduation. I remembered two friends from school who interned at SahlComm and were always talking about how much they enjoyed it. I looked into the internship, contacted Kim, and here I am today!

Before starting my internship with SahlComm, I have never written a press release before which was a huge learning experience. Kim guided me through the process and now it is something I am familiar and comfortable with. I am also getting much experience with social media marketing, which is something I really want to get into in the future. Public Relations and Marketing definitely go hand in hand, and I believe I am getting some awesome experience that will help me in the near future.

Some fun facts about myself: I love vacationing in Wildwood NJ, I have a huge collection of candles, I love my cats, and shopping is my weakness.

I am excited for a fun semester here at SahlComm!

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