Wise Words from a Past Intern

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Communications/Marketing Intern Winter 2015-2016, Nick Gorrie, reflects on time with SahlComm after recently walking at Kutztown University’s Spring 2016 Commencement.

12573033_10156384143965394_7686417285128150083_nA very important, yet often overlooked adage in life is “You get out of it what you put into it.” Whether I am sitting through a lecture in a class, trying to learn new scales on the guitar, or attempting to find a job, I often think of this phrase. This was the phrase that I essentially had my mind focused on when I walked through the doors of SahlComm for the first day of my winter internship, and it once again proved itself true.

I was SahlComm’s very first winter intern, and this wasn’t for the entire winter; it was only for the single month that I had off in-between semesters at Kutztown. With that in mind, I knew that every second I had at SahlComm was precious, so I wanted to be able to absorb as much information in each one of those seconds as possible. I also realized very quickly that each employee at SahlComm was an absolute professional in every sense of the word; so expanding upon my marketing and communications knowledge was not going to be difficult. However, I knew that in order to get all that I possibly could out of the internship, I would need to not only do the work assigned to me, but ask my supervisors questions and inquire about different aspects of marketing/communications that would not have otherwise been discussed with interns.

As a marketing and communications intern, I was able to get firsthand experience with many different aspects of the business. Along with creating and scheduling social media content for clients, I assisted with the writing of press releases, created content for SahlComm’s website, and even got involved with a government relations project. Through these various tasks, I also learned how the client-consultant interaction works and ultimately, how a communications firm operates. Although I was able to observe and learn a lot from the work that was given to me, I later realized that I was able to learn even more from work that was not given to me.

Ultimately, through asking questions such as “What would be the three best tips you could give me about marketing” and “Are there any books or websites you would recommend reading” I was able to obtain a wealth of information. I found that by taking the initiative to learn absolutely everything you possibly can, you will be rewarded. I am also very proud to say that by asking these questions, I was educated in the importance of Google Analytics, and now, I have a full-time job where a primary focus is Google Analytics. I could write an entire book about every little thing I learned during my time at SahlComm, but this is just one example. There may be no other company in the area that offers such an incredible feeling of camaraderie and knowledge, and I am proud to say that I was a SahlComm intern.

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