My Last Day as an Intern

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Sadly, today is my last day as a Sahl Comm intern. I remember coming up the elevator very nervous but excited to start my first day, I had no clue what to expect. Was I going to be making coffee runs, answering phones? Luckily it was the total opposite and a great hands on experience!  Everyone was so friendly. I got to sit in on their team meeting where they discussed their goals and they checked in with a past intern.

I have to thank my internship advisor Dr. Cripe for telling me about this internship and to apply for it. I am so happy I did I have learned so much from my time here.

Some of my duties as an intern were to create press releases, pull analytics, post on various social media platforms, and write blog posts. Recently for a client I was able to use my photoshop skills and create 2 flyers for upcoming events.

Interns and Jade at the "Whats So Cool About Manufacturing"
Interns and Jade at the “Whats So Cool About Manufacturing”
Interns and Jade at 6ABC
Interns and Jade at 6ABC

Besides working in the office we got to visit 6ABC and take a tour and meet people in the industry, attend networking events and we helped with one of our clients events, the “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing”.


This internship was nothing but positive! Jade our internship coordinator did a fantastic job with helping us get the full experience of how a PR firm works on a day-to-day basis. She was always there if you needed help with something she gave you to work on, had questions about it, needed feedback on projects, resumes and cover letters, portfolios anything! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, I have learned so much because of it! I will truly miss everyone on the Sahl Comm team!


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