3 Simple Ways to Become (more of) a Morning Person

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Right there on your nightstand lays either your worst enemy or a welcome friend: your alarm clock. For some people, it’s so easy to just jump out of bed and face the world. For the rest of us, the octopus of blankets just doesn’t want to let us go in the morning. While it’s true that personality and one’s energy level play into this, there are ways for everyone to enjoy the morning!


  1. Get a routine goingThis is probably the most important point on the entire list. The body thrives on rhythm and consistency (hence why it’s called the Circadian RHYTHM), and you’ll definitely reap the rewards of a good routine. The unfailing response from a college student when asked how they’re doing is, “tired”. The reason for this tends to be that students go to sleep at random times in the late evening, try to cram sleep like studying, and then get up for class – which with zero sleep may be a difficult task.

    The easiest way to make mornings easier is to revisit your childhood and have a bedtime. Make this bedtime as consistent as possible, allow for about eight hours of sleep, and then wake up at about the same time every day. With enough sleep and a consistent schedule, you’ll wake up refreshed and also with a lot less effort.

    Have a bedtime, a wakeup time, a plan for getting ready in the morning, and don’t forget breakfast. It may sound lame, but it will make a world of difference.

  2. Practice going to bed earlier, and then getting up earlier tooGetting up early is a painful phrase to utter, particularly in the winter when the sun comes up later. Besides, sleeping in is better, right? Well, while it may be more comfortable, sleeping in may make you more tired, on top of taking up more time (which sounds like a prime recipe for being late in the morning). The earlier you get up, the more time you have to prepare and to relax, which will make for a much more peaceful morning.

    By making this a routine, it will become easier to get up early because your body will adjust and set into a schedule, making mornings much easier.

  3. Motivate yourselfPhysically speaking, no one is forcing you to get up in the morning. So why do you do it? You have things motivating you, whether that is work, school, a project, or whatever it is. While this may be daunting (or even unwelcome), good things are definitely going to happen, because good things happen every day. It’s your choice whether you choose the notice them or not. So no matter how scary the day may seem, motivate yourself! Get up and have that cup of coffee, listen to some music, watch some TV, read a book, or whatever you want to do to relax and center before the day starts. Concentrate on the good things that are sure to come, and the rest of the day will fall into place.


    Your body is a giant clock, essentially. By being inconsistent with scheduling, inconsiderate of your sleep schedule, and under-motivated, the morning will be an unwelcome sequel to your peaceful sleep. Getting up early is a practice, not a skill, and with the right mindset, the morning will become your best friend. Besides, how are you supposed to carpe that diem if you just want to sleep it all away?

    Photo: The Human Condition – Rene Magritte 1933

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