John Isaac: Life Through Lenses

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On Thursday, March 10 the Sahl Communications team headed out to Lehigh University to meet with famous photographer John Isaac. He was born in India and came to live in New York in his early 20’s. Upon moving to the city he found a love for music and started singing and playing the guitar on the city corners. A few years later he encountered a passion for photography and soon became a photographer for the United Nations. Throughout the years he has worked with celebrities such as Micheal Jackson, Audrey Hepburn and more. John Isaac was apart of Micheal Jackson’s HIStory tour in which he photographed over 100 concerts. He was also the only photographer allowed to take pictures of Micheal Jackson’s children when they were born. It’s crazy to think that these events only make up a small portion of the experiences John Isaac has had thus far.

Throughout his career, he has traveled all around the world photographing major events and animals. A few iconic moments in his career was when he photograph tigers in Nepal and assignments given to him through the UN like the Rwandan Genocide and the Ethiopian famine. Throughout the meet and greet with John Isaac, he stressed the idea of how he develops his pictures. He repeatedly told the audience and I quote, “To learn about all of the rules for photography and then break all of the rules.” By breaking the “rules of photography” artists are able to think out side of the box and create unique, breath taking photographs, as does John Isaac.

The Sahl Communications team met with him after the session, which was an awesome experience. If you would have the chance to meet John in person you would never think that he is 73 especially because he has a young heart, enthusiastic aura, and a love for adventure. His passion for photography influences everyone around him to be passionate for the world around us through our own lenses. The Sahl Communications team looks forward in working with John Isaac in the near future.

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To learn more about John Isaac and his work, check out his website at You can find more pictures of  Tasha the SahlComm Tiger on Facebook at




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