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La Ola Radio

This morning Sahl Communications Inc’s Jade Cortez, Jinsely Ariza, and their client Michele Castro from C & S Wholesale Grocer took on La Ola Radio. The Spanish radio station serves the Hispanic community in the Lehigh Valley. For over 10 years they have been the largest and highest rated Hispanic media platform in Pennsylvania.  The radio station runs on three different channels (99.5 FM, 1400 AM, 1600 AM) 24/7, with multiple hosts and guest speakers. The radio station strives to service the community and celebrate to Hispanic culture. Over the years, La Ola Radio has donated  millions of dollars to charities and non-profit organization.  Their dedication to the Lehigh Valley and great reputation as a radio station has lead them to receive more than 50 awards locally and throughout the state of Pennsylvania.





Today Sahl Communications assisted Ms. Michele Castro in an interview regarding employment at C & S Wholesale Grocers. Ms. Castro is a Field Human Resource Manger at C & S and is looking to hire over 800 full time employees to work in the Bethlehem campus. This  interview was established to created awareness to citizens in Lehigh Valley of the multiple job opportunities that C & S Wholesale Grocers has to offer. I was asked to join Jade Cortez with the client’s interview being that I am a Hispanic woman and I am fluent in Spanish. Although most of the interaction was between the client and the radio hosts it was interesting to see

Hosts: Jonny and Alfa Guest: Michele Castro

how business is conducted with Hispanic individuals. Traditionally in American business transactions or meeting a firm handshake and friendly smile are the best way to greet someone. In the Hispanic culture a handshake is used as well but once you are familiar with the individual a kiss on the cheek or a hug may be a more common way to greet someone.  Since the radio station is geared to the Hispanic community in the Lehigh Valley the interview was conducted in Spanish but both radio station hosts both spoke English as well. I believe that is it an asset to be fluent in two or more languages because it opens the door to more opportunities in your career. Being bi-lingual can launch your business nationally and internationally which can help expand your knowledge, business, and experience. We hope that this informative interview brings in more candidates that can help fill the 850+ job openings at C & S Wholesale Grocers!


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