NBS-AERho Takes California!

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The National Broadcasting Society and Alpha Epsilon Rho is a student and professional society. It has 85 chapters on college, university, and community college campuses. This society began in the 1940s at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri and was founded by Dr. Sherman Lawton. In May of 1943, it was officially announced that AERho had been organized. To start, there were

Picture courtesy of nbs-aerho.org
Picture courtesy of nbs-aerho.org

four chartered chapters including Stephens College, the University of Syracuse, Michigan State University and Ohio State University. By March of 1993, that number increased to over 120 active chapters on campuses nationwide. Over 30,000 individuals have been initiated into the society since  it was founded.

Every year since 1942, NBS-AERho has had these conventions. This year it is the 74th annual convention and will be returning to Burbank, California after 2 years. At this convention there will be over 100 media professionals that will share their experience about careers in electronic media. Professionals from television, film, radio, digital, marketing, news, sports, sales, management, programming, social media and corporate communication will be on the panel. There are many networking opportunities at this convention.

Besides attending panel sessions and presentations there are mixers, sightseeing opportunities, TV show tapings and an award show. 2 Broke Girls, and Tim Allen’s comedy Last Man Standing are two of the tapings that we could go see, a VIP Warner Bros tour and you can tour the facilities of KABC/KLOS radio stations.

This will be my first time attending this convention. I was inducted into my schools NBS chapter in spring of 2015. If you would like to know more about this association or convention please visit www.nbs-aerho.org.

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