The Grand Debate: Gender Inequality

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As we watch endless political debates and scrutinize the candidates for the current presidential elections, we quickly form opinions on topics that will effect our future. I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed that a topic that rarely hits the podium is gender inequality. This debate on the treatment of men versus women in the workplace seems to always be brushed under the carpet. Are the voices of those who stand for gender equality around the country not being heard or is it just easier if the bastardized problem is left untouched? The problem still exist and is going to remain a topic until a change is made.

There are several categories that make up the gender inequality issues, such as the pay gap, harassment in the workplace, and female empowerment. The pay gap between men and women are one of the first topics that arise when debating on gender inequality. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women are getting Text Version of the median weekly earnings by sex, 2014 annual averages.paid $152 less each week than men, which averages out to $7,904 less in a year.  Women are being paid less then men for the same job or sometimes they even have a higher position and the treatment is less. Why should women be paid less than men when they have the same job? Women in the workplace, now more than ever, are achieving their degrees in higher education to better succeed in their careers. Also, there is a higher college enrollment for woman than men, and the ratios have been increasing over the years. It’s hard to believe that the women striving for a higher education still have to compete with a males who  may be less qualified for a position then she. Why hasn’t there been a change in these critical circumstances? It’s probably not many women are able to move up to the C-suite and most of the time if they do it’s because they are running their own company and not taking over one that has been established.

Another unheard of topic during the presidential debates as well as in the common workplace is harassment. Did you know that 1 in 3 women are sexually harassed at work? Most of the harassment by both men and women are not reported for personal reasons. I can assume that women are hesitant to report it and be looked down upon in the workplace especially to their male superiors. On the other hand, males are more hesitant to report be
ing harassed based on pride and being made fun of by male colleagues. This may seem childish but these scenarios are taking place each day. There needs to be a change so men and woman can feel safe at work and supported by their company. There should be a anonymous hotline established in every work place so employees can report harassment for themselves or others. Their has to be an open door policy where though who are hurting others are reprimanded for all of their wrong doings and the harassment stops for good. Employees will feel more empowered and will produce better work for their company’s if they are in a safer environment.




Female empowerment is slowly rising with many organizations being established to assist young women in developing leadership skills. Women around the world are taking charge in owning their own businesses, working in the C-suite of organizations, and advancing in their careers and education. More women need to take the stand of feeling empowered and make a difference in the world. We see Hillary Clinton who is running as a candidate in the presidential election and has been successful thus far. We can view Hillary Clinton as an example all across America to be brave and follow their dreams. Though opinions vary on her credibility on becoming the next and possibly first female president, we can take great pride that someone is taking a stand for women around the world. Now having a female president is not going to change how women are treat
ed in the workplace, it is up to the woman population to take a stand and make their voices heard. Women need to become more empowered and educated to take a stand and fight for their rights to be treated and paid equally to men.


It’s your choice to take a stand and make a difference, one woman at a time! It’s our time to shine!



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