Breaking Social Media News: Facebook Unveils Enhanced Likes

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve long felt that the ‘like’ button on Facebook leaves much to be desired. What does liking a post really mean? Is it that you really like that picture of a little kid with cancer, or is it just an acknowledgement that you’ve seen it? What about a political rant which inspires, among other emotions, anger and a sense of urgency, but not necessarily the sentiment of ‘liking something.’ Luckily, yesterday Facebook greatly expanded its options for responding to posts, taking keys from the highly visual language of emojis.

Now, in addition to the traditional ‘like,’ users are able to select from emotions ranging from sadness, anger, and love. There are six options in total now, each with a corresponding graphic to convey how you really feel about your Aunt Marge’s seventeenth depressing post about her bad knees. Instead of ‘liking’ the fact that her mobility is severely impaired, you can click ‘sadness’ instead, generally clarifying things from users on both ends of the interaction.

Much to my chagrin, a ‘dislike’ option still has yet to be unveiled, but for the time being the five new options have significantly expanded the ability to interact online.


An actual screenshot from my actual Facebook, showing you how to find the new options.
An actual screenshot from my actual Facebook, showing you how to find the new options. Here I’m loving a picture of our CEO Kim with our friends from 6ABC News at Martin Guitar.

How to Use:

Although the new changes have taken effect with the latest update of the website and app, it can be a little unclear about how to use the new options. Simply clicking the ‘like’ button on the bottom of a post will still produce the same result as it always has, without any real changes. However, if you’re interested in accessing the new reaction buttons, simply hold down the button on your phone or mouse over it to see the new options.

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