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The Grammy Awards just took place this past Monday night and we witnessed our favorite celebrities walk the red carpet and win one of the most iconic music awards of all time. As each celebrity passed by fans, both in the crowd and at home, were able to to critique fashion highlights of each celebrity. Unfortunately, not everyone can be a celebrity but we can shine and rock our own personal runway at our perspective jobs. We all know the famous quote of “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”, and this quote should be a motivator when interviewing for a job opportunity. After researching career paths, looking into possible job opportunities and applying to jobs that spark your interest, you’re ready to start your interview process. After waiting a few days you have phone calls and emails coming in with interview opportunities, now what? The organization is already intrigued in what you have to offer and you’re well informed about the company, so what do you wear to the interview? This question may seem simple but it can make or break your interview. You should always present yourself professionally to make a lasting impression.

Business Professional

If you find yourself questioning whether you should wear business professional, business casual, or your favorite t-shirt from 5 years ago with your new blue jeans, always go with business professional. Why? This is the safest and most respectful attire you can present yourself with to an interview. Business professional attire reflects that you are serious about the opportunity and uphold the company to a high standard.

Men: A white long, sleeved button up shirt, a tie (blue or black), a vest,  a black or dark gray blazer, black or dark grey dress pants, a matching belt, dress shoes with laces, and neutral socks. Be consistent with your wardrobe, the suit has to be all black or all dark grey, you can add color to your style once you land the job. The tie should have solid prints, refrain from using your favorite Superman tie. Dress shoes with laces are considered professional and those without laces are considered casual. The same goes for the socks you think no one will see, wearing a solid color sock is a safe way to go. Another optional suggestion would be to also wear a watch; this adds character to your outfit and also prevents you from looking at your phone. This may seem excessive but this is the best formula for successful interview attire.

Women: A light colored button up shirt, a black or dark grey blazer, black/dark grey dress pants or a pencil skirt, with flats or 2-3 inch heels is considered business professional for women. Unlike men, woman have the opportunity to wear a light colored button up shirt, such as white, blue, and lavender. Studies show that blue is a calming color and encourages individuals around you to stay calm and engaged. The length of the dress pants should correlate with the shoes being wore; long pants with heels and pants that reach the ankle with flats. Choosing a skirt may be challenging, especially for taller women, but the key is to follow the palm rule. The palm rule suggests that your skirt should not be shorter that than the length of your palm between your knees and skirt. You can also practice sitting with your skirt to see how high up it moves when you sit. Small jewelry can also be wore but refrain from loud bracelets  and excessive rings.

Business Casual

Men: A button down shirt with a tie (optional), a pair of slacks, a belt, and matching dress shoes is appropriate for men. On occasion some men prefer to wear a blazer along with their business causal attire, which is also optional.

Women: A dress or a blouse with dress pants can be a business causal outfit for woman. It is key to keep in mind modesty and remember the palm rule when wearing a dress. Also remember to wear solid colors and simple jewelry that compliment your wardrobe.


business attire
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Hopefully these helpful tips have landed you your dream job if so, congratulations! If you are still in the interviewing process continue to dress business professional in your upcoming interviews to uphold your unforgettable first impression. As you start to become more familiar with your company and it’s culture you will make further decisions on your everyday attire. It’s always a plus to ask if your company require business professional or casual clothing and any dress codes that may be in place.

 Always remember when in doubt, show it out with your best YOU!

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