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When you first hear the word internship you’re most likely picturing someone running to get Starbucks for the entire office, sorting the mail, scheduling their manager’s next ski trip or going online grocery shopping for the CEO’s nanny. If you come into Sahl Communications you may find us laid out on a yoga mat on a typical ‘Yoga Wednesday’, and then later waiting for our chili to be made for our weekly crock-pot lunch and this is just on Wednesdaysyoga wednesday 3Feb. Nonetheless, we do not have a theme for each day but instead Sahl Communications has established an environment where employees can feel comfortable and free to expand in their creativity. 

In the business community, individuals who are involved with marketing, public relations, advertising, communications are called “creatives.” As creatives they have the responsibility of…CREATING! This may sound simple but it takes a special individual to create attention grabbing content and publications to lure in consumers and suppliers to invest in a business. Without creatives an organization will lack innovation that builds products and services, which leads to growth and eventually generates revenue. This is why establishing an inviting atmosphere within an organization is essential for any marketing firm.

Here are 3 Ways to Ensure Better Company Culture:

  1. Establish a mission statement that caters to your employees and clients, but also provides clarity on what your company has to offer.
  2. Provide team oriented assignments to enhance solidarity within the workplace.
  3. Create an environment where employees can come in and get their creative juices flowing.

Sahl Communications’ mission statement is “to further the mission of others and help improve humanity”, which is a proven declaration on their behalf.  There is no better way of obtaining your clients trust then by truly living up to the standards you have established for your company. The team at SahlComm wants to see everyone succeed from our CEO, Kim Plyler to the interns every person is valuable to the organization. SahlComm has an unwritten “open door” policy where each employee is free to communicate with each level of management for assistance, constructive criticism, career advice, and more.

At SahlComm there will always be an extra yoga mat set out for you!


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