SahlComm Visits 6ABC Action News

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When people imagine working as an intern, many assume it involves long hours of staring at a computer or doing meaningless “busy” work for no compensation. I am proud to say that my experiences as an intern have been quite the opposite – and my time here at SahlComm is a testament to the fact that internships can be both worthwhile and fun. On January 27th – only my second day at SahlComm – we headed to Philadelphia to visit the amazing team at 6ABC Action News. Unfortunately, only two of the interns were able to attend the day trip (I was lucky enough to have my one and only class of the day cancelled due to the blizzard). We piled into the car, picked a playlist (you can’t take a road trip without a killer playlist!) and we were on our way.51759_1280x720

Once we arrived, we were greeted by some very friendly members of the 6ABC family and began the grand tour of the studio. When I say grand, I mean GRAND. After working at a local news station with a very small studio, this building seemed massive to me. Our tour guide, Jennifer, led us through hallway after hallway of offices, cubicles, storage rooms, control rooms, and studios. I was amazed by all of the different departments (news, financial, sales, graphic design, editing, public service, etc.) and how they all worked as one to gather and present news to their local community and beyond. Along the way, we even had the privilege of meeting the two meteorologists of the morning show and the two anchors of the 12 PM newscast. I was especially delighted when David Murphy, a morning and afternoon meteorologist at the station, mentioned that he previously worked at WFMZ (the same place that I interned with this past summer). Despite being busy and having very important work to accomplish, the staff was more than willing to talk with us and give us an inside look at what they do each and every day. The SahlComm team got to sit in the control room with the news directors, watch one of the graphic designers work on a commercial for the Philadelphia Auto Show, sit in the studio as the anchors went live, and talk one-on-one with some of the head supervisors at the station.

As the tour concluded, I found myself wishing we could have stayed longer. There is just something thrilling about news and how a group of people that large can take an influx of information, work together, and produce an informative and cohesive news show. The team at 6ABC did just that – and in a seemingly effortless manner.

Not only was the team trip to Philadelphia fun, but it was even more inspiring and motivating. Sure, most of my days now consist of stressing about schoolwork, deadlines, graduation, and my future in general – but this trip gave me a taste of how hard work pays off and that the future possibilities are endless. And what is more rewarding than knowing that you’re working towards something bigger than you could even imagine? The SahlComm trip to 6ABC was just the beginning of the exciting things to come this semester for all of the interns, and we look forward to keeping you updated on what we accomplish next.12642680_10207279843066546_5525578798916036709_n

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