Lady Gaga’s Academy Awards Performance And The Power Of Social Media

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Leo may have finally won an Oscar this year, but the Internet was buzzing with another star’s outstanding performance at the 2016 Academy Awards. Lady Gaga, who is no stranger to award shows, performed her Oscar-nominated song “Till It Happens To You” on Sunday evening. Gaga wrote the powerful song for a documentary titled “The […]

Changing the Game: Social Media and the 2016 Presidential Election

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For many of us in the under-30 subset, who’ve grown up with color TV and cable our entire lives, the concept of a presidential election cycle without televised debates, terrifying yet still wholesome TV commercial spots and the constant news cycle is totally incomprehensible. Turn the clock back about fifty years, however, and you’d be […]

How to Use Social Media to Enhance Your Nonprofit’s Exposure

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Many people perceive social media as being frivolous, and just another sign of how obsessed our culture has become with ourselves and with technology. However, social media is more than just an outlet for posting selfies or tweeting about the latest celebrity gossip. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just a few forms of […]


Science for non-Scientists: Gravitational Waves Could Change Our Understanding of the Universe altogether

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Just today, February 11th, scientists announced that they have confirmed the existence of “gravitational waves” which are the final prediction of Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Some scientists are lauding today as a landmark day in scientific history, and some are even saying that this could potentially change our understanding of astronomy altogether. But the […]

How to Succeed at Your Internship (When you also have 15 other things to do)

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Internships are often a student’s first foray into the professional world. While most students who find themselves in internship positions work during their summer or winter breaks, quite a few hold a position at the same time that they take a full course load. It can be hard to feel like you’ve truly found your […]