Spring Semester is Here (In Theory)

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Officially, on Tuesday, January 26th, Lehigh University opened its doors once again for the start of the 2016 spring semester. This, incidentally, was also the same day that I returned to the Sahl Comm office for my first day of my internship. That’s right, I’m back once again! After a leisurely semester-long break this autumn, I will be back right where I left off; blogging, crafting press releases and generally creating content for our clients and ongoing projects. I couldn’t be more excited to get back into the swing of things. Not one to loaf around (despite what my actions over my winter vacation visit to my parents’ house would lead you to believe), I’ll be here on Broad St twice a week in addition to taking my final semester of classes as a college student. Only being at the office twice per week means that although I interact with two of the four other interns, there are two that I entirely miss. We’re having to communicate through email and post-it notes left on desks.  Since I don’t get to meet them in person either, I’m equally as excited to see what they’ll be writing and getting to know them through their blog posts.

While technically, signs are pointing to the spring semester as having begun, it certainly doesn’t feel that way here in Bethlehem, PA. Home to both my workplace, apartment and school, the town was massively affected by winter storm Jonas. Dumping a record 31.5’ of the white stuff and smashing the previous snowfall record, the storm was very good at reminding me that while this is called the ‘spring’ semester, it is still very much January in Pennsylvania. So despite the misnomer and the piled up snow on the sidewalks that I have to avoid on my walk home, I’m very excited to be back as a blogger and contributor. Spring, in the eyes of the university registrar, is very much underway.

Today I’m being a little briefer than I normally would be, but I can promise lots of cool posts and interesting topics from the intern blog in the upcoming weeks. We’re still in the process of ironing out our schedules and getting to know the platforms and software we’ll be using. I thought I’d just write a little something today, like a trailer before a movie. Coming Soon! Exciting! Shiny NEW Content! The other four interns are going to be total WordPress Pros by the end of the semester, and I can forecast this being the best semester for this blog yet.

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