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It’s hard for us to believe that our time here at Sahl is at its end. It feels as if it was just yesterday that we knocked on the SahlComm door, met everyone in the office, and were being briefed on all of our responsibilities for the next twelve weeks. In those twelve weeks, each of us has gained valuable experience working in a professional setting, interacting with clients, attending special events, networking affairs and press conferences with Sahl team members, and, of course, developing intriguing blogs for the website. As one final task before we depart from SahlComm, we wanted to post a collaborative intern blog reflecting on our personal experiences with the company.


My experience as an intern: Taylor

I first learned about the internship program at Sahl Communications, Inc. from the Communications department at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and through other students who have completed the internship program. I was looking for an internship to fulfill my requirement for my Public Relations minor and I wanted the internship to fill the credit but to also be worth my while as well as prepare me for my future in the Public Relations industry.

During a typical day at Sahl Comm, I would handle social media postings for clients, write press releases, generate analytical reports, further knowledge about clients through articles and research as well as other daily tasks to help out the team members. During my internship, I also had the pleasure to witness a live press conference and observe how a PR professional acts in that situation.

I feel very lucky that I had the opportunity to further my education outside of the classroom here at Sahl Communications, Inc. Most internship experiences consist of sitting around and doing insignificant tasks that don’t help you improve and gain knowledge in your field of study. Sahl Comm gave real world experiences and lifelong knowledge about what a PR professional really does. I have gained the understanding of multiple different aspects of the PR industry throughout my time here which include: social media management, writing press releases, distributing press releases, creating analytical reports, helping do research on clients and opportunities, knowledge about social media scheduling using Hootsuite, and much more.

I am truly grateful I had the opportunity to work with an amazing team of individuals, and will miss Sahl Comm dearly.

My experience as an intern: Melinda

Overall, my experience with Sahl was nothing but positive. This internship has given me a first-hand insight regarding how individual members of a PR team operate and how each person’s contributions come together as a whole. I’ve written press releases, created social media distributions, learned how to operate PR software including Vocus and Hootsuite, experienced a press conference, and even created a presentation for the SahlComm team. When I first arrived for duty, I felt incredibly overwhelmed and under qualified, but Jade, the internship coordinator, is great at explaining tasks, providing step-by-step instructions and training, and is always available to answer questions.

I think the most valuable thing that this internship has inadvertently given me is the push to step out of my comfort zone in a variety of ways. By attending networking events, I have been pushed to improve my elevator speech and communication skills. Devising, researching, and presenting an informational presentation for the team forced me to not only be creative, but also overcome public speaking nervousness. And finally, at least once a week I am pushing out social media posts on behalf of clients, forcing me to access my creative side as I construct interesting posts that grab viewers’ attention, something I rarely get to do in school.

Overall, I am very glad I stumbled upon this internship opportunity on the Kutztown Career Network because it has been a great experience. The experiences I encountered during this internship have made me feel much more prepared and confident for entering the professional world after graduation.


We’re sad to leave the Sahl team, but we hope to remain in contact with everyone. Our advice to new interns would be to work hard, be open minded, and enjoy yourselves because your internship will surely fly by! Good luck!

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