Dream It. Do It. Bosch Rexroth Press Confrence

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image2On September 30th, 2015 I had the pleasure to attend my first press conference at the Bosch Rexroth Group for Dream it. Do it. Secretary Pedro Rivera was visiting along with Parkland high school students in honor of Manufacturing Month. Dream It. Do It. Pennsylvania is a partnership directed by the manufactures resource center and has the intentions to change perceptions and attitudes about manufacturing jobs.
Throughout the time we were there, I saw how reporters asked questions, and the general flow of a press conference. We waited for media to arrive and directed them as to where to go. Some media that attended the event included PBS39-WLVT-TV, Bethlehem Press, WGPA-AM, Lehigh Valley Business journal, as well as a few others. I had the opportunity to meet Secretary Rivera and hear him answer some of the questions being asked by the media.
The event had a late start due to the Parkland high school buses getting lost on the way to Bosh Rexroth and resulted in a condensed tour for Secretary Rivera due to his late arrival from being on the buses. The event (although it had a late start) went quite well and from what I understand the students of Parkland enjoyed their experience and thought it was very valuable. Many of the students had positive things to say about the manufacturing facility particularly about its cleanliness.
Overall, the most important takeaway I had from this press conference and general understanding of public relations is to always be on your toes and have a plan A through Z prepared. Things can go unplanned and it is always important to be prepared in any situation. In the PR industry, things can change at the drop of a hat. Expect the unexpected!

For more information about Dream It. Do it. Check out the link below:


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