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Hello future interns!

While we get ready to welcome our Fall 2015 Interns, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss internship etiquette. Through my intern and professional experiences, I’ve taken note of some perfect examples of what an intern should do (and not do) during an internship.

Consider an internship as a job: I always consider our interns as quasi SahlComm employees. I incorporate them into the company and its current projects. As an intern, it is important to think of this as a career. Although you may not be monetarily compensated, you are gaining hands-on experience, building professional relationships and could possibly be hired.

Deliver exceptional work: Consider this, the company hired you. You were chosen from other candidates to present work of value. As stated above, internships are serious business. Providing quality work (and delivering it on time) is could practice for you as well as builds your professional portfolio.

Don’t forget to have fun: Beginning an internship is a new and exciting time for you! This is the first time you’ll be able to put your knowledge to action. Even if this is not your first internship, you’re starting a new journey with a new company and adding to your experiences. Although delivering exceptional work in a timely matter is important, you need to have fun doing it. Enjoying your work not only allows for quality end results, but brings satisfaction and accomplishment to you. It is important to love what you do!

Internship Etiquette These characteristics are what I look for when selecting interns. At SahlComm, we provide our interns with hands-on work, offering them real-world experience while having fun (fun examples include: copious amounts of baked goods, free range of music, etc.)! If you’re interested in a Marketing/Communications or Government Relations internship, contact me at jade@sahlcomm.com.

Wherever you may be interning, I do hope you consider these tips. Good luck to all students returning to school. I hope to work with you someday in the future!

Best wishes,

Jade Cortez

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