Summer Internship Final Thoughts

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Certainly not my last time coming through these doors.

Let me tell you, there were lots of pop-culture related titles I tried out and then rejected in the crafting of this final summer blog post. “And now my watch is ended” from Game of Thrones was a little too dark, and a Boyz II Men reference seemed…not quite office appropriate?

After two months of blogging, press releases and research, my summer internship is coming to a close. On one hand, I’m ecstatic to spend the month of August as a loaf, laying in my hammock. It’s cold in the SahlComm office, okay? On the other hand, I’ll be actually quite sad to be leaving what was one of the most rewarding summer internships I’ve ever had. So rewarding, in fact, that I’ve decided to not really leave at all. That’s right folks, I’ll be returning for the spring semester. While I’ll be taking a wee break from the world of communications to focus on my classes this autumn, I’ll most certainly be back. (That’s good for you, because it means that I’ll be back here on the intern blog!) So keep your eyes peeled and don’t forget about me, because sometime in the January-February zone I’ll be back on the ninth floor, typing away.


I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I accepted an internship in communications. Especially as someone who hasn’t uniquely studied a curriculum of mass communications, marketing or public affairs, this summer was certainly a learning experience and an incredible opportunity to be creative. I was concerned that I wasn’t going to be particularly well-suited to this kind of work, or that my relatively small amount of experience would put me far behind the other interns, scrambling to catch up.

While there was much for me to learn, like how to perfectly draft and edit a press release or how to use Cision, a public relations program, I wasn’t in over my head. The intern team, headed by Jade, a former intern herself, was given tasks that were suited to our talents and abilities. This doesn’t mean there was exactly a lot of hand-holding, either. After getting trained and briefed on our assignments or aspects of the public relations and communications business, we were on our own to sink or swim. I appreciated the fact that the work I was doing was real work that clients could see, that could be read by the public. I wasn’t stuck collating documents and cleaning the office fishbowl; my tasks contributed to projects or had actual impact. This means that the work had more pressure than it could have at another company; I was expected to meet deadlines, self-edit and think critically. I was given responsibility, which ended up being both personally and professionally rewarding at the end of the day. While updating my resume, I wasn’t trying to conjure lines of text to diplomatically describe my internship. It was easy for me to itemize what I’d done and describe it in a way that showed the quality of my accomplishments.

Returning home from Paris, I was a little bit listless while thinking about my future and where I’d begin to apply for jobs after graduation. I wasn’t sure I wanted to take a gamble and try something purely academic anymore, and a life of soulless corporate drudgery seemed equally unsatisfying. Finding a creative, yet solutions-driven industry like communications really spoke to me on a professionalism level. I could contribute, be creative and work in an office setting. If I had to summarize my internship into only one sentence and distill the fundamental lesson of these two months, it would be that I’ve realize that communications is the place for me. I look forward to returning to SahlComm in the spring, and after that seeing where my writing and ability to connect with others can take me.

Have an amazing rest of the summer, I know that I will.

You can catch me with my toes in the baby pool in the front of my house if you need me,



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