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The constant blending of my internship in communications and my field of study in international relations means that I tend to mention international social media a lot. It seems like I may have a slight obsession with social media platforms and their impact on forming global links. That’s only because I do. What’s not to love? It’s a blending of two of my biggest interests in a cool way that is constantly growing and changing.

The impact of social media around the world is mind boggling, but it’s not just about keeping up with relatives half a world away: social media has begun to have major political and economic consequences, especially for businesses. While most Americans are familiar with our standard sites; Facebook, Twitter, etc., there’s an entire host of sites that target demographics in other countries. Most of these platforms are designed to be used by a user speaking a language other than English. As it turns out, there are huge untapped markets to use social media sites with larger presences abroad to target markets that Facebook may not hit.

This is only a little primer on the world of sites like QZone and Weibo, which have millions of daily users all over the world. Couldn’t it be a possibility that an American company looking to expand to somewhere like Chengdu or Novosibirsk would have a greater success using a social media site targeted for users situated there, rather than one formulated by guys in Silicon Valley?

Social Media Presentation Pic
As you can tell, this is the most flattering picture ever taken in the SahlComm office.

If you ask me, the answer is yes.

As part of the SahlComm internship program, we were all required to create presentations that touched on something within our field. Kim, our CEO, believes strongly in constantly learning and sharing information as a team. While typically only one person presents at our “lunch and learn,” in early July, all three interns shared our presentations. I’ll admit, it took me a while to get the ball rolling on this presentation: what on Earth could I possibly educate my co-workers about (that wouldn’t put them to sleep)? Once it hit me, it couldn’t have been easier to teach the team about different social media platforms and their global importance.

If my very exciting prelude and the very candid photos of me presenting to the group while we all stuffed our faces with cupcakes for Bree’s birthday wasn’t enough information for you, click the link below to view the full PowerPoint presentation, which goes in depth about several non-American sites and has lots of cool graphs.

Trust me, I’m as sad as you are that I just voluntarily described a graph as “cool.”

Social Media PPT

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