A Day in the Life of A SahlComm Intern

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A Day in the life of a SahlComm Intern:

Do you ever stop and wonder: what is it that those SahlComm interns do all day? Do we pass our working hours away eating snack foods and playing online Tetris with breaks for making copies or fetching coffee, or worse, toil away for sixteen hours a day in a windowless cubicle? Luckily for me (and the other interns), it’s not either of those situations. I’m here to clear up what exactly this SahlComm intern does all day.


8:00 AM- Wake up, and get ready for work on my side of the river. At this point, Estizer, one of our other interns has been awake for four hours already, having finished her crew workout before coming in for the day. I don’t have time for any of that nonsense, so you’ll notice that my wake-up call and my clock-in times are a wee bit closer together. It’s an easy five minute commute from Lehigh’s campus to the SahlComm office, which makes me eternally grateful to avoid traffic and the daily grind.

The mural on “my side” of the river.

9:00 AM- The SahlComm day starts! Whether my day starts with checking emails or polishing off projects from the previous day, I get to look at an amazing view of the Lehigh Valley from the ninth floor of our building. We’re the eyes in the sky- we see everything going on in downtown Bethlehem, including some meteorological craziness and the occasional blimp.

9:30 AM- 12 PM- The mornings at SahlComm are incredibly packed with tasks. The three interns all work on slightly different projects—international relations, public relations or marketing. My projects range the gamut from writing press releases, taking pictures for the website, compiling research or creating media kits to send to different outlets. Before starting the internship, I wasn’t an expert in any marketing programs (#liberalartsmajorproblems). The team has made sure to train me across a number of platforms so that the work I’m completing is actually helpful, no coffee runs or collating for me.

12PM- I’m very lucky to be working in Downtown Bethlehem come lunchtime. Our building has a deli and a brick oven pizza place, meaning that we have dozens of choices daily. Sadly, my idea to try every restaurant on the block was shot down by my college student frugality. Well, at least I can eat my sad homemade salads in the courtyard of the building, people watching on Broad Street.

1-3PM- There really isn’t a typical day at SahlComm and there’s no such thing as a typical week. Whether the interns are presenting to the staff during lunch, the office is being visited by a radio station or we’re having a blogging marathon, no two weeks have been the same. The little differences in the days are endless—maybe it’s a visit from our unofficial mascot, Wally the VetDog or a chance to participate in media training. This internship is the opposite of monotonous.

3PM- The day is over, at least for most of us. While at least two of us end our days at 3, Sarah works different hours. See, no sixteen hour hell schedules here. Once the day is over, I check out from following social media for work and switch over to…well, doing social media for personal use. So sue me, you can take the girl out of social media, but you can’t take social media out of the girl.

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