One Month Down

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It has been a busy few weeks here at SahlComm.

New contracts and potential clients have been in and out of our doors, and all of the expansion we’re having is keeping everyone on their toes. In the middle of this, I’ve been able to experience a lot of the company’s growth, and all of the turmoil that accompanies it, first-hand.

In my time here, the company has added a new fulltime employee, while also beginning to vie for a couple of government contracts. I have been fortunate enough to be able to sit in on – and contribute to – strategic planning meetings held to assess how best to pitch these potential clients. Most recently, this has entailed the creation of digital marketing and social media plans, planning public relations engagements, campaign slogan creation, and the generation of ideas and content for television commercials.

IMG_4552Things haven’t just been busy on the company front, either; this past week, the other interns and I gave our research presentations to the entirety of the company’s staff. We each did projects on work-related topics of our choice. It ended up being an exploration of how our specific, individual, career interests mingled with what we did in the office. For example, I did my presentation
on the relationship between psychology and public relations. It was also a good exercise in public speaking. (That’s me going for the soup spoon, btw).

Sarah and I also made time for a quick stop in at the the Lehigh Valley Young Professionals Council website launch party. Intern coordinator, Jade Cortez, is an active member of the council and suggested we go. It was an interesting opportunity to see young professionals in different feels mingle and celebrate the achievement of a common goal.

I have one month left with the team here at SahlComm, and with the excitement of the first month behind us all, the coming weeks hold the promise of more new experiences and learning opportunities.

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