International Social Media: Learn More!

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The constant blending of my internship in communications and my field of study in international relations means that I tend to mention international social media a lot. It seems like I may have a slight obsession with social media platforms and their impact on forming global links. That’s only because I do. What’s not to love? […]

The Psychology of Consumer Choices

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Psychology is the study of human behavior and plays a large role when studying consumer behavior.  The part that  psychology plays in consumer decisions can be seen when it comes to buying a product. We have emotional and rational sides to our personalities and both of those sides are targeted by marketers to influence consumers’ purchase decisions. Our emotional […]

Global Expansion Requires Cultural Preparation

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This article, originally appearing on Business News Daily’s website, addresses one of the more difficult aspects of international business; intercultural communication. While it may be easy enough now to send an email around the world or find business prospects across the globe, barriers to expansion still exist in the form of cultural differences, many of […]

My Internship Experience So Far…

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So far my internship experience with Sahl Communications is going quite well! This is the first time I have ever interned anywhere. After I changed my major to advertising and had taken a few advertising specific classes, I realized that I did not have any experience in the field of Advertising or Communications. I decided […]

International Social Media Marketing—Different Places, Different Habits

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Social media is undoubtedly one of the biggest factors of today’s marketing and global outreach plans. In the past decade, facebook has gone from a mere suggestion or social website meant for connecting with friends to an undeniable zeitgeist of a marketing tools. Today, especially for businesses looking to globally expand or connect with potential […]