Social Media: Changing the World of PR

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Social media has definitely become a large part of our world today. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, people are constantly checking their homepages for news, updates, and the latest about their friends, or posting to their social media pages to let people know what’s going on with them and what’s new in their life. Of course, over time, businesses have picked up the same practice for themselves where they can let their followers know all about their own news. Now, social media is also becoming a part of public relations and will play a role in the future of PR. The elements of a press release are changing to include a social media element, which will allow for an interaction to occur with those who read the press release.

Twitter PhotoThose in the Public Relations field are beginning to use the social media outlets to get out press releases and work with these different sites made specifically to reach journalists. A problem that seems to come with this approach is that you cannot send out the same message through every type of social media. Depending on the medium being used to get the press release and information out, the format of the press release being sent out would vary. This would also come into play when reaching out to different audiences and will contrast from situation to situation.

The whole idea of doing PR through social media really depends on how much people continue to use social media. It may become more direct to the person consuming the information so that they can look at it whenever they want and in any format they want to see it in. Many professionals in public relations believe that future press releases will become shorter, more concise, and just get straight to the point. These kinds of press releases are often the ones that end up being the most effective.

Social media that is specific and oriented towards your specific industry will become the most effective kind when targeting clients. Tools for measuring and monitoring success will, in the future, become an important part of public relations so you can see what happened with your message. Also, social media channels that allow for easier communication between public relations professionals and reporters, has started to become popular. This is similar to the site Cision, which we use to get press releases and messages out to specific reporters.

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As with every new approach there are of course a few flaws. However, there are many strengths and advantages that can come from this way of doing PR. I think that public relations through social media will definitely play a role in the near future. Social media has become a way of getting different messages and information out to followers and the public. Why not use it to our advantage and put short and concise press releases and messages out through social media to get to your targeted audiences.


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