Is this the Krusty Krab? No…this is Estizer

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Here we go, my first blog post. I’ll start off with some (likely boring) background10708668_10154682788125451_1273428924638058285_o on myself and my experiences prior to coming to Sahl Communications, Inc., and things I hope to achieve while I’m here. So. My name is Estizer Smith, and I’m a Public Relations/Marketing intern here at SahlComm, and this is a picture of my face!

As a rising senior at the University of Pittsburgh (see Cathedral image), majoring in communications and psychology, I came a little late to the public relations game. I spent the first two years of undergrad working on developing a career in psychological research, with the intent of getting my PhD in clinical psychology, before I realized that although I’d likely be successful and good at that field of work, I’d be largely unfulfilled and unhappy. Cue mid-summer panic, the addition and removal of a second major in Economics (because when all else fails, become a financial analyst…?), and the prolific realization that there is an entire industry of public relations and marketing dedicated to the propagation of the arts, theatre, and nonprofits.

I had this unnamedrealization while sitting in the basement of Lincoln Center in New York, interviewing for a press internship I applied for on a whim, and ultimately did not end up getting (because…no experience). This “failure,” sparked an interest in all that the field of public relations and marketing had to offer. The remainder of that summer was dedicated to research on the field, and resulted in the addition of a second major in communications, and a marketing internship with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust in the fall of my junior year. The Trust did all of their PR and marketing in-house, and was an excellent introduction to social media promotion, and grassroots publicity for local arts and nationally touring Broadway shows.

Fast forward through an academically strenuous spring semester, and here I am at SahlComm, working with and learning about various clients in different states of development and public exposure. As I approach the end of my second week here, I’ve drafted and edited press releases, learned about their distribution, done research for blog posts and newsletters, seen the announcement of a new partnership, participated in general staff meetings and a meeting about pitching a potential client, and done research for a presentation I’ll be giving in a few weeks.

I have learned a lot already, and I’m looking forward to learning even more, and working with the SahlComm team in the coming weeks. I’m hoping to get some hands-on work with things like media pitches, analytic report construction, the creation of media/press kits, and some software that are staples of the PR industry.


Alright, cool. That’s it for now!

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