But First, Let Me Introduce Myself

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Hello, internet! We meet again, only this time under slightly different circumstances. My name is Emily, and I’m one of the three interns for the summer at Sahl Communications in the lovely city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

I often wear hats.
I often wear hats.

What is there to introduce? I’m a Lehigh University student majoring in International Relations and French & Francophone studies. When I’m not bopping around the Lehigh Valley you can find me outside of Philadelphia, where I grew up. Besides that, I’m an avid writer of both blogs and fiction. (I shamelessly will now plug my travel blog, where I talk about being afraid of skeletons and why I love trains.) I like Game of Thrones, the internet and air conditioning. You know those people who claim to have been born in the wrong century? I am the exact opposite of that. Antibiotics and iPads, please and thank you.

I also have a deep appreciation of staircasess.
I also have a deep appreciation of staircases.

I’m returning to the United States after a several month long stint in Paris, France. While I was there I began working at a marketing technology start-up and the momentum has propelled me to my current posting at Sahl Comm. I love technology, and have in the past worked in sustainability and entrepreneurship. I love combining communications, technology and open-ended problem solving. In a perfect world, my dream job would be as a professional burrito critic, but seeing as that option may not be totally possible, I love working in communications and social media.

This summer, I’ll be serving as the International Relations Intern for SahlComm. You’ll be reading lots from me about growth in global markets, intercultural competency and using the internet to target clients overseas. Before we get into all of that, I’d just like to say:

It’s nice to meet you!

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